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HUD Installation Program

New Installation Program begins June 1, 2016. Learn about the program, see specific installation & licensing requirements.


HUD Dispute Resolution Program

News release announcing HUD's launch of the improved Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program


HUD Frost Free Foundation Memo

Interim guidance on use of Frost-free Foundations or Frost Protected Shallow Foundations


Info for Motor Vehicle
Info for Motor Vehicle & MH Dealer License (See page 10)

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Dealer License Application


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Dealer Plate Order & certification of Sales

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Form & Instructions to Declare MH Real Property


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"Our mission is to promote policies and services that help our members provide quality products to their customers".

As far back as 1974, the Montana Manufactured Housing and RV Association (MMH&RV) has been representing factory built housing and RV  interests in the State of Montana . We present an effective voice before the Montana Legislature, city, county and state government officials.

Members in MMH&RVA come from every facet of the industry. The Association acts for the benefit of the industry by rallying and serving all segments to deal effectively with important issues and interests.

To accomplish our mission of presenting a powerful and united front for the industry, MMH&RVA professional staff follow the directives of an elected Board of Directors. They represent both the manufactured housing and RV industry to ensure the Association works toward its members' best interest.

HUD Installation Program Coming to Montana - info available

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has launched the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards Program in 13 HUD-administered states, including Montana.  HUD’s authority to implement the installation program is due to legislation passed by Congress in 2000.   At this time HUD is implementing the program in four phases and Montana is included in the last groups of Western states where they will begin rolling out their requirements in January of 2016.   After June 1st, 2016 all new manufactured homes installed in the Montana must be done by a licensed installer and inspected by a licensed inspector.  Below is a summary of the timelines. 


Phase 4 of HUD Installation Program includes the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming

  • HUD Installation Program Rollout – January 1, 2016
  • Kick-off Meeting/Webinar for dealers & interested parties – January 12, 2016
  • Installer Licensing and Inspection Compliance Deadline – June 1, 2016


To learn more about this program and to see the specific installation and licensing requirements visit HUD’s installation website at:

Montana Department of Transportation Provides Web Links
with info on routing loads through MT Road Construction

Other Department of Transportation Links – Permits & general

The Montana Department of Transportation has enhanced their website recently to include other new links that MMH&RV members, specifically transporters, should note.  They have an information permit page as well as a general page with a variety of useful information showing the status of roadways impacted by floods, etc. See the links below.

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